• Zach Hensel

Wake Up!

That moment he gets his first hit!

Imagine this...

“Wake Up, It’s T-ball Day!!

As you and your Tiny Hitter are getting ready for practice...grabbing everything that you need for T-ball.

The kids know...it’s a glove and hat. Easy enough!

The parents know…it’s a child, glove, hat, snacks, water bottle, chairs, toys….. Easy enough???

Driving up to the baseball field, you see the field all set up with tees, helmets, bats and balls in their designated areas. Everything is set and ready for T-ball practice! Seeing the coaches waving their hands with pure excitement as the kids come up and give high fives to each who passes by!"

No matter the time, no matter the distance; it’s moment the kids run on the field and seeing the joy and happiness come from within...is what counts. That’s what makes it all worth it.

In a world that we live in of technology, as a parent we want our kids to experience the outdoors and learn how to play and get active! At Let’s Go Sports, our vision is to make sure each kid gets the experience of a lifetime by valuing teamwork as well as loving the game!

Experience these moments with Let’s Go Sports!

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