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Quality vs. Quantity with Let's Go Sports

As we evaluate our programs, it always comes back to quality.

What do we want as Let’s Go Sports to present and achieve quality programs for the participants and the community?

Our number one value is seeing the kids grow within the activities, having the best time of their lives throughout the event, and making friends and teammates along the way. It is a great way for kids to have a chance to be active and enjoy their time with the coaches. Not only it benefits the kids but the parents as well. Parents experience the same as their kids by looking from the outside in. Getting a chance to see what their kids can do and watching them get the experience that they achieve through Let’s Go Sports activities. Parents this also gives you a chance to bring back all of the fun memories of your childhood.

It takes a tribe to bring these programs to life. With our coaches’ enthusiasm, quality programs makes that possible. Coaches play an important role for the kids and the community. As we open up the field/court, the coaches are there waving their hands with pure excitement and giving high fives to all players! As the event continues, so does the enthusiasm. The coaches are there every step of the way for each kid. Teaching them the “how to's” and “what to do's” with high spirits. Presenting this atmosphere allows each kid to have fun and to be comfortable to be herself/himself during the activity. That is what it is all about!

One of the other focuses to acquire quality programs is having trained staff on our team. It is important to have each instructor to know how to coach and teach the sport that Let’s Go Sports is running. By acquiring this, each instructor goes through a training workshop with the owner of Let’s Go Sports prior to the events. This allows each instructor to know how each event should be ran as well as being approachable to each kid and the community. Each participant is coachable. It is how the instructors adapt to each player’s learning styles to present the same outcome.

Small player to coach ratio is our outlook to achieve quality programs. It is our focus to create fun small group drills for building social skills and confidence. By having this quantity, it allows the coaches to be player-focused and to understand how to teach the players in a timely manner. The relationship between the coach to player is building at a well-developed pace by acknowledging the quantity of kids per program.

Experience these moments with Let’s Go Sports!

Jaclyn Altstadt

Director of Operations

Let's Go Sports

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