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Kicked off in Fall 2018, Let’s Go Sports encourages boys and girls of all ages (including adults) to get active! Currently, we offer sites throughout Central Indiana. We are always looking to expand…the journey is limitless. Let’s Go Sports can serve in a town near you!

Our mission at Let’s Go Sports is to provide our communities with limitless opportunities for all ages. Our sport programs enhance the development of skills, sportsmanship, peer interaction, and knowledge of the game.

Why Let’s Go Sports?

Every owner has a vision, motive and determination of the outlook of his/her company. As an owner of Let’s Go Sports, my vision is to create a foundation of positive experiences for young kids to develop/enhance their skills and learn the value of teamwork in sports. Starting at a young age allows the kids to find their passion in a sport(s) of choice. To boost their techniques, clinics are offered to provide a challenge and determination to advance.

Not only Let’s Go Sports offers youth programs and clinics but also camps! Seasonal camps are designed to create and achieve personal goals in a particular sport, provide team building activities and form friendships along the way.

Even though the introduction of sports starts at a young age, we encourage to get active even when you are 40! Adult Leagues are provided through Let’s Go Sports. Pickle Ball, Volleyball or 3-on-3 Basketball…you name it we got it!

As an experienced coach for 9 years, I thrive for the joy that sports gives the society. Sports are always going to be around and a topic of conversation. Sports provides the community a sense of involvement and an opportunity to get active!

I am excited to see the community flourish at Let’s Go Sports!

Coach Zach Hensel

Founder and Executive Director

Let's Go Sports

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