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Let’s take you back to where you were a child. A child where all you wanted to do was to run around, play with toys and/or go outside. In other words, encouraging to not play video games, watch TV and/or play games on the tablet for a lengthy time. We are in a world now where technology is visible everywhere but what we don’t realize so is nature. Being outdoors gives us a chance to feel the sunshine on our faces, dirt on our hands and laundry to do when we have grass stains on our pants! When the weather is not so friendly, we are fortunate enough that indoor facilities gives us a new atmosphere to play ball in without the grass stains. You’re welcome Mom and Dad! This is all part of being a kid.

Let’s Go Sports sees that there is a demand of programs for kids who want that guidance to learn a new sport or get that experience working as a team at a young age. Let’s Go Sports works with Park Departments as well as schools to make this dream a reality. To get up, get active and Let’s Go!

Let’s Go Sports T-ball Experience

Walking up with a bat and glove

There you see Coach Zach and his staff proud of

Excitement and enthusiasm they will bring

To you and your kids a life changing.

Ready to get started, tie your shoes

Time to warm-up and run the bases on cues.

Before we get going, there is test

what comes first, second and third; that would be best!

We start out with a great foundation

To understand the next few stations.

Ground balls and hitting is next on our list

Listening and focusing must exist.

Come on over, grab your mitt

It’s time to ground balls and commit.

Coach rolls the ball when you are in “ready” stance

Glove open wide on the ground for a chance.

Time for hitting, safety first

Helmets on, preparing for the worst.

Ball on the tee, bat in hand

Ready for the coach’s command.

As practice continues at these stations

Kids learn and participate in collaboration.

Our favorite part is becoming a community

Have Let’s Go Sports be your opportunity.

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