“We had the joy of meeting Coach Zach during his time with a program that was geared towards toddlers learning the basics of the sport: T-Ball. This program consisted of a handful of 3 and 4-year olds. Coach Zach not only grabbed the attention of these small children, but had a great impact on my son, who was three years old at the time. He learned so much and had a blast doing it. Every time it was time to head to practice, my son would question if it was ‘Coach Zach Day’. It was so refreshing to see the time and dedication he spent with the children from our community. Coach Zach made the time with them fun, yet educational. We enjoyed our time in his program so much that we decided to try it again the following season. At this point, the program had exploded, and the word got out how wonderful the program was for the kids. Even though the team numbers doubled in size, Coach Zach never missed a beat! He spent time with each kid on the team and was always filled with tips on how to improve their growing skills. Any time we spoke of the program, Coach Zach was praised for his skill, patience, and passion for the sport and the children. Teaching children is not an easy task, but Coach Zach made it seem effortless. Coach Zach made quite the impact on our community with the compassion he showed for the kids. He made the effort to remember the kids’ names, he always encouraged the parents to come out to the field and get involved, and his communication with the parents and kids was always wonderful; the parents always felt like a part of the team too. It never seemed like the program was just a job to him, but something he cared for deeply. Coach Zach has a great deal of passion with what he does, and it showed each time he performed.” - Keri S.

“My child was recently diagnosed with ADHD. We feel like he has had this for quite some time. He attention to activities, especially educational ones, are slim. When we started on Coach Zach’s team, my son was completely engaged from start to finish of every practice. It is rare that he shows full attention to anything, but Coach Zach impacted him and engaged him in a way that kept his full attention to the learning experience. We would love to get our son involved with Coach Zach again.” - Krista S.

“His dedication and patience he had when teaching the kids the fundamentals of baseball was incredible. He was genuine and cared about the kids and even taught them good sportsmanship and kindness towards each other and the equipment. I almost wish he could teach other coaches how to coach, he was one of a kind.” – Keli P.

“I feel like he was very good with the kids and made it fun and about the kids being able to have fun as well as still teaching the kids the game. I would love to have my daughter play for him again. He is patient and you can tell he loves being around kids.” – Ashley W.

“Coach Zach…what a great guy! He is very good with all the kids, great sense of humor, and incredible patience. Taught my daughter the fundamentals of ball where she understands it and continues to play for a local league in Shelbyville. I would highly recommend Coach Zach for any sports program. If my daughter could be a part of another program in which he was participating, we would 100% be there. Also, I would volunteer.” – Jennifer D.